Italy: A Whole Restaurant Menu Most Cooked With Cherries

A restaurant in Viterbo Italy cooks pasta, meats, seafood and desserts with traditional cherries from Tuscia area for a particular gourmet dinner Discovering the right event for tasting Italian meals isn’t that basic. In Viterbo, wonderful city one hours get from Rome. On June 2nd 2007 a premium dinner will need place by offering all the meals cooked with regional cherries. Yes, Italian cherries connected with appetizers, pasta, meats, fish, loaf of bread and dessert. A courageous supper organized by youthful business owner Simona Cannone, owner and chef of cafe pizzeria Rosa Blu in Graffignano, locality within the green Province of Viterbo. The meals and cherries will be the best way to comprehend historic Italian agricultural roots and pick-out the flavor of Italian delicacies. The menu carries a selection of different appetizers with cherry, whipped rise with green pepper and regional cherries, potato gnocchi with cherry cream and thymus, reddish colored mullet seafood fillet with cherries and brandy (Italian grappa) , Roast meat filled up with cherries, cooked potatoes, green salad and cherry sweets. Every dish is going to be served using a different sort of normal Italian wine linked. The culinary event can be backed by Associazione Nazionale Citt delle ciliegie , Italian association of metropolitan areas in Italy that have a normal and normal culture of many types of cherry. Because the movie director of Italian cherry metropolitan areas association Carlo Conticchio says: The function arranged by Rosa Blu cafe in Graffignano, within the Province of Viterbo represents a significant exemplory case of that developing lifestyle of revisiting in today’s essential foods and delicacies which are therefore valued in Italy and all around the globe. For more info please get in touch with Mr. Giulio Gargiullo: +39 3397886844 or go to .

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